Footy Tipping

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of the Thomson Automotive Footy Tipping Competition

1. Entry in the Thomson Automotive Footy Tipping Competition is free of charge to eligible Thomson Automotive customers and staff as defined below. Entrance must be residence of NSW and be over 18 years of age at time of entry. Thomson Automotive reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to verify the identity of any participant. If the individual is found to have registered as more than one participant, Thomson Automotive reserves the right to disqualify the participant, or restrict their access to the Promotion. Eligible customers and staff include:

    1. Current service customer: have completed a service at Thomson Automotive as evidenced by completing a service at Thomson Automotive within the last 12 months of the competition finishing date.

    2. Current sales customer: have purchased a vehicle from Thomson Automotive within the last 12 months of the competition finishing date.

    3. Current parts customer: have purchased parts from Thomson Automotive within the last 12 months of the competition finishing date, or by invitation.

    4. Current fleet customer: be employed at an organization that have purchased from the Thomson Automotive fleet department within the last 12 months of the competition finishing date or by invitation.

    5. Current employee of Thomson Automotive: be employed by Western Region Automotive at the finish time of the competition.

2. End of competition prizes: All prizes will be awarded at the discretion of the Thomson Automotive Footy Tipping administrators. All prizes are denoted in Australian Dollars:

    1. The first prize will be $3,000 

    2. The second prize will be $2,000

    3. The third prize will be $1,000

    4. Last place and entered tips for all games $1,000

    5. Top tipper of the week will receive a NRL cap of the winning tippers choice, if the points and the margin of the round are tied the prize will jackpot to the next round with a prize of a NRL training t-shirt of the winning tippers choice.

    6. In the case of tie for any prize winning position (as adjudicated by points and margin) the total prize pool between the positions will be split evenly. For example: if there is a two way tie for second ($2,000) and third position ($1,000) would be pooled ($3,000) and both equal second prize winners will receive $1,500 and there will be no third position.

    7. Thomson Automotive may add or remove prizes without notice.

3. Tips must be entered into the ESPN Footy Tips website 1 minute before the start time as published on 

4. Points will be allocated as follows:

    1. Game tipped correctly 1 point

    2. Tied game 1 point

    3. Game tipped incorrectly 0 points

    4. All correct bonus of 1 point.

    5. Partially entered tips: for tips not entered for an individual game a score of 0 points will be awarded.

    6. Score received when no tips are entered for the round entering tips: The lowest score for the round as calculated by everyone who has entered tips (including members who partially entered tips). 

5. Rankings will be determined by points and then by margin if points are equal. 

6. The competition start date is March 14, 2019 at 7:50pm AEDT and finishes October 6, 2019 at 1pm AEST. Entries close March 14, 2019 at 7:50pm AEDT.

7. Thomson Automotive will not be held responsible for any loss of reputation, status or otherwise in connection with a tippers tipping selections and consequential results. It is a condition of entry that tippers consent to these uses and disclosures of their information for purposes of the promotions.

8. Thomson Automotive reserves the right to use tippers contact information for the purpose of promotion and marketing and may at its discretion share this information with a third party for the same purpose.

9. Entry into this competition is free. Any costs associated with accessing this competition are the responsibility of the tipper.

10. By entering this competition the participant expressly agrees to allow the publication of their photograph and name being published on social media, websites in electronic direct mail and any other media as determined by Thomson Automotive. 

11. Winners of prizes will be notified by email and phone within 2 days of the end of the round (for round prizes) or the end of the completion (for main prizes)

12. Thomson Automotive reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the competition or suspend or modify a prize at any time,

13. The promoter is Western Region Automotive Pty. Ltd. Trading as Thomson Automotive, ABN: 72 112 718 420, postal address: PO Box 9782, Harris Park NSW 2150.